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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to Get Day One Patch

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch is getting a day one patch. The latest entry in the long-running fighting game series has seen a flurry of leaks over the past couple of weeks. While Nintendo has been battling to get any unsanctioned Super Smash Bros. Ultimate content taken down from sites like YouTube, […]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Release Date Broken Internationally

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate release date is December 7 for the Nintendo Switch. However it appears that copies of Nintendo’s hotly anticipating fighting game have leaked early. Retail copies of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate have surfaced on the Internet almost two weeks before release date. News of an early leak made its way to popular video […]

Nintendo Switch Shipped 22.86 Million Units Since Launch

The Nintendo Switch has shipped 22.86 million units since launch according to Nintendo’s latest financial results for the six month period ending on September 30, 2018. It sold 3.19 million units in this quarter. In addition to this, games such as Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze sold 1.67 million units since releasing in May and Mario Tennis […]

Diablo 3: Eternal Collection Nintendo Switch Bundle Announced

Diablo 3: Eternal Collection for the Nintendo Switch is getting the special edition treatment from Nintendo with the Diablo 3: Eternal Collection Nintendo Switch bundle. It contains the Nintendo Switch console and dock, both sporting Diablo 3 art, a Diablo 3-themed carry case, and a download code for the game. The Diablo 3: Eternal Collection Nintendo Switch bundle […]

FIFA 19 Journey Mode Borrows From GTA V With Three Playable Characters

FIFA 19 release date is September 28 for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. In the run up to this, EA has put out a new trailer for FIFA 19’s single-player campaign – The Journey: Champions. It shows off three playable characters, each with their own unique narrative, play styles and experiences. Star of the […]

Nintendo Switch Hackers Being Banned From Online Services: Reports

Nintendo has started handing out bans to Switch users who have attempted to hack the console and run homebrew software, according to reports. Several Switch owners have posted on Twitter and gaming forums that they are receiving error code 2124-4007 when trying to access online services, with the message: “The use of online services on this console is currently restricted by Nintendo.” […]

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Nintendo Switch Release Date Revealed

Fresh from the success of Monster Hunter World, Capcom has announced Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch with a release date of August 28 in US and Europe. It will be available via the Nintendo Switch eShop and as a physical cartridge. As the name would suggest, it’s an enhanced version of 2015’s Monster Hunter Generations […]

Nintendo Switch Virtual Console Is Not Coming: Nintendo

The Nintendo Virtual Console was Nintendo’s attempt at bringing games from older consoles in a mostly unaltered state for the Nintendo Wii, Wii U, and Nintendo 3DS. Before the Nintendo Switch release and even after the hybrid console debuted, rumours were aplenty of the Nintendo Virtual Console coming to the Nintendo Switch. Some even went […]