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Snapchat to Bring Third-Party Games In-App This Fall: Report

Snapchat launched its design overhaul earlier this year and received major backlash from its users and investors. Ever since, the company has been reworking changes and also introducing new features to gain momentum once again. It even introduced AR game-like features in its app for more engagement, and increasing its user base. However, a fresh report suggests that […]

The Xbox One S Plays Games Better Than the Xbox One

The Xbox One is slightly two and a half of years old and it’s already being outclassed by using its slimmer variant, the Xbox One S. No, we’re no longer regarding looks or garage capacity however raw overall performance. Microsoft might want you to test out its next souped Xbox – assignment Scorpio whilst it […]

Battleborn is already 40% off on Steam

I challenged myself to get through this whole post without mentioning Overwatch once, and apart from when I mentioned it just then, I reckon I’ll fulfil that challenge admirably. Battleborn is that other colourful shooter about a bunch of madcap, zany heroes, and it’s a fairly good one, according to Jem Alexander. On the whole, […]