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YouTube Plans to Cut Down Recommendations of Hindi Videos Spreading Conspiracy Theories

HIGHLIGHTS YouTube initially limited borderline content in the US The updated reached India recently but only for English videos YouTube claims to have moderators understanding Indic languages YouTube is planning to add Hindi support to its mechanism that reduces the recommendations and visibility of content that could spread conspiracy theories, an executive said. The change […]

Fitbit Says Young Adults in US Slower to Step Back to Normal

  Activity tracker maker Fitbit said on Friday that young adults in the United States are lagging behind older age groups in returning to the same number of steps as before the coronavirus outbreak. Women and men under 29 years old took fewer steps in June than the same period a year ago, according to […]

How an Updated Gas Station Generates More Profit

Even with the number of gas stations decreasing every year, as cars become more efficient and less reliant on regular stops for fuel, gas stations are still one of the most appealing franchise opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors alike. In such a competitive field, it takes special care and planning to make the right strategic […]

Govt notifies rules to enable PwD access to education, jobs

Delay due to Delhi not being categorised as State: Minister Rules formulated under the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016, have been notified by the Delhi government, giving persons with disabilities (PwD) better access to education, healthcare and employment. The Delhi Rights of Persons with Disabilities Rules, 2018, were notified by the Social Welfare […]

Acquire the Skills of a Professional Scrum Master with this comprehensive course

If you are planning to build a career in Agile and establish your credentials in Scrum, then a PSM certification will certainly put you on the map. The Professional Scrum Master is an industry approved accreditation that reflects your proficiency in using Scrum practices for your everyday team operations. With organisations across the world turning […]

The Right Steps in the Legal Bindings

Undoubtedly, the current legislation allows you to file not only statements of claim, statements of separate proceedings, as well as petitions and objections, appeals and cassations, to ordinary citizens who do not have a legal education. Only indirectly, at the level of act 59 of the Constitution, as well as separate procedural codes, provide the […]

What is the Use of Machine Learning With Python?

Python is one of the powerful programming languages, which is used for development purpose. The simple and easy to learn syntax of python language provides readability and using this language will reduce the cost of program maintenance. This programming language supports packages and modules and this encourages the modularity of the program and code reuse. […]

3 Reasons to Invest in a Top-Grade At-Home Security System

Unfortunately, the world is a crazy place with tons of unpredictable scenarios. For instance—what if someone were to break into your home, threaten your family, and basically desecrate your privacy and feelings of security? It would be traumatizing and horrible. As a matter of fact, according to West Los Angeles news sources, victims of at-home robberies […]