If you are planning to build a career in Agile and establish your credentials in Scrum, then a PSM certification will certainly put you on the map. The Professional Scrum Master is an industry approved accreditation that reflects your proficiency in using Scrum practices for your everyday team operations. With organisations across the world turning to Agile’s unique iterative approach to production and delivery, professionals with Scrum knowledge are in very high demand. After the PSM certification course, you will be ready to pass the requisite exam and have a firm understanding of the core practices and the philosophy of Scrum. Learn more about this impactful training program.

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About the PSM Training

The PSM training by KnowledgeHut is available in the classroom and corporate training format. It is ideal for experienced Scrum practitioners who want to advance their knowledge of the discipline and improve their Scrum Master skills. The two-day course is divided into multiple modules,and the trainers come with vast industry experience. Classes will be interactive in nature and along with comprehensive theoretical material there will be practical sessions to help participants sharpen their Scrum application skills. The course begins with lessons on Scrum theory and important topics like the Definition of Done and Scrum Framework are also part of the first half. Students will learn about running a Scrum project and as the program progresses the lessons will talk about Scrum’s place in an organisation and the role of the Scrum Master. After completing the course, participants will be eligible to appear for the level 1 PSM exam. You can learn more about the exam and the different levels on this page.

Benefits of the PSM Training

Participants who successfully complete the PSM course will understand the key dynamics between team members along with the nuances of Scrum terminologies and practices. Because the course is recommended for those with existing Scrum experience, they will be able to sharpen their existing knowledge and augment it with the new topics and concepts covered. With expert trainers at the helm, they will also gain industry tips and tricks that will be useful on the floor. Students will gain 16 PDUs and 16 SEUs after the course,and there will be support in the lead-up to the exam.

Why choose KnowledgeHut?

KnowledgeHut is an education provider synonymous with industry innovation and with a global presence, has helped thousands of students and professionals gain career-defining credentials and skill sets. The PSM certification course blends the interactive nature of a classroom environment with a cutting-edge learning platform. The short duration of the course allows its accommodation in the tightest of schedules and true to tradition – the course material is exclusive, comprehensive, and updated making it a great industry resource in the long run. As the world of software development gets increasingly competitive, organisations are looking for the best way to increase efficiency and productivity. Agile is a favoured process for many,and a PSM certification can be your ticket to climb up the ladder. Enrol now.