PS4 Pro Price Cut in Japan: India, US, and Europe to Follow?

PS4 Pro Price Cut in Japan: India, US, and Europe to Follow?

The PS4 Pro has received a price cut in Japan. Sony has announced that the PS4 Pro will be JPY 39,980 (roughly Rs. 25,576 or $349) instead of JPY 44,980 (around Rs. 28,776 or $399) from October 12. Additionally, the white PS4 Pro will be available alongside the standard black PS4 Pro instead of being a limited edition. With Japan receiving a PS4 Pro price drop it’s just a matter of time before we see India, US, and Europe receive one as well as was the case in the past with the PS4 getting a price cut.

“Just called SIE [Sony Interactive Entertainment] about PlayStation 4 Pro price cut and asked what’s happening outside Japan, including US, and Europe. It says ‘nothing we can comment now.’ Keep fingers crossed!,” tweeted The Wall Street Journal’s Takashi Mochizuki.

While Sony India hasn’t replied to our request on an India PS4 Pro price cut yet, it’s safe to say that we could see an influx of Japan stock at a lower price tag via grey market or parallel imports. At the moment the PS4 Pro India price is Rs. 41,990 officially with warranty, while it goes for around Rs. 35,000 in the grey market without warranty. The promise of cheaper hardware abroad ensures more competitive rates for those willing to forsake warranty in the interim as its more likely for the US and Europe to receive price cuts first due to their market size. The moment Europe gets a price cut, India should see one as well as the country falls under the European region for Sony.

Sony’s PS4 Pro has had an interesting history in India. It launched officially in February 2017 only to be out of stock for the better part of the year presumably due to issues related to BIS clearance. There was a price hike following the Indian government’s decision to increase customs duty from 10 percent to 20 percent during the Union Budget 2018 announcement, resulting in an MRP of Rs. 41,990 as opposed to the Rs. 38,990 price it sported when it was available officially.

However, it’s been selling exceptionally well. Multiple retailers speaking to Gadgets 360 under the condition of anonymity have stated that Sony’s iterative console makes up around 30 to 35 percent of their total console sales. No surprise what with a strong exclusive line-up of games including Spider-Man PS4 and God of War.