Image result for Successful Internet Campaign Lures Ryan Gosling Into Coffee Shop

If we learned anything from the time the internet sent Pitbull to an Alaskan Walmart, it’s that sometimes silly internet campaigns pay off.

When Ryan Gosling walked into Toronto’s Grinder Coffee it wasn’t just to pick up a latte, but the final act in a days-long campaign to lure the actor into the coffee shop while he was in town promoting his Neil Armstrong biopic First Man at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Using the hashtag #ryanneedsgrinder, the coffee shop put out a series of posts and a cardboard cut-out of the Canadian star to try and lure Gosling to the shop. “We think maybe you got lost on the way here. Ryan Gosling in downtown traffic it takes only 18 minutes to get to Grinder Coffee from #TIFF” one post read, another featured Gosling’s paper doppelganger greetingcustomers at the coffee shop.