Exclusively for Android Users: Here’s How to Send Messages from Web

Let’s admit we enjoyed Hangouts, Google Duo, Allo, and other such Google apps. But, not having an official app to send messages from web remained a pain point for the Android users. This single factor was enough to make us envy from the Apple users. However, not anymore.

Google has sensed our pain and has rolled out an update to its existing Android Messages app under the name “Messages for Web”. With this update, the Android messages mobile app will work on the Web as well – just like WhatsApp for Web.  The app will enable you to send SMS and MMS, but will offer no other lucrative feature like audio calling or video calling- making the Android Messages app quite different from Apple’s iMessage app.

Sounds exciting? Wish to know how does it work on the web?

Let’s begin with the easy steps to access the Android messages app on your PC:

  1. To begin with, ensure that Google Messages is your default messaging app. If not, go to Settings, and make it your default chatting platform.
  2. Now, open the web browser and visit https://messages.android.com/ . You will see a QR code on the screen as shown in the image below.

3.As described in the steps on the screen, open your Android Messages app.

4.Tap on the three dots menu button and choose the option ‘Messages for Web”.

5.Click on ‘Scan QR Code’ button from the new window that opens on your Android mobile phone.

6.Now point the phone’s camera toward the QR code displayed on the Android website (see Step 2).

Once the QR code is scanned, all of your Android messages will be displayed on the web, as we find in the case of WhatsApp and Facebook web platform.

Now, as you have accessed the Android messages app on the Web, let’s move to the process of doing chatting on the web:

  1. Open any message thread to read, as you do on your Android phone.
  2. Write your message in the Reply section. You can also send emojis, files, and other multimedia content.
  3. Once the message is ready, Click on the Send button and your message will be delivered, provided your phone and PC are connected. Besides, you have to be using a strong mobile network so that all the messages remain in sync on the dual platforms. ( This is necessary for an Android user since the PC won’t keep the backup of your messages. They can be searched only on your Android Messages app later. )
  4. And in case you want to start a new message thread, click on ‘New Conversation’ on the left-hand side of the web interface. A window will be popped up. Write the message, add emojis, and click on the Send button (same as Step 3).

So, now as you know how to send messages on the Web, let’s drift towards the last part of this how-to guide, i.e., how to exit the Web chatting.

While many Android users might be thinking of closing the browser directly, the method of quitting the Web app is different. To exit, just go to the three dots menu button and click on the Sign Out option.

Seems interesting? Give it a try then. And yes, don’t forget to share your experience of the process to send messages from Web in the comment section below.