Remedy’s Upcoming Game Control Gets Its First Trailer at E3 2018

Remedy's Upcoming Game Control Gets Its First Trailer at E3 2018

Alan Wake and Quantum Break developer Remedy Entertainment has been working on a new game for a while now and it got revealed during the Sony event at E3 2018. The new game is called Control and the trailer shown off looked a bit like Quantum Break in terms of movement and the visual aesthetic. The E3 2018 trailer for Control didn’t reveal much about the game, but what we did see showed gravity changing rapidly. There were scenes where corpses were seen floating in the air in oddly graceful postures, and in others we saw the protagonist, who is a woman called Jesse Fadens, floating in the air towards an unknown giant object. We also got to see three characters floating in the air and then landing with a thump, something that suggests that Control uses variable gravity as a gameplay mechanic.

Jesse is shown holding a futuristic looking gun, which suggests that the game will have some shooting mechanics. We also saw environmental objects such as buildings changing shapes rapidly and entire walls and sections of the building breaking apart into neat little cuboids and floating towards an unknown object. The game’s main combat mechanic appears to be telekinesis as we keep seeing Jesse pull various objects towards herself and at times she uses these objects to attack enemies too. All of this suggests that the game’s got a supernatural storyline.

The game’s website has more details about the story. It says Jesse Fadens is the director of the Federal Bureau of Control that seeks to keep the public safe from unseen forces. It aims to expand the limits of human understanding and to contain forces that it cannot yet control. The website also says that Jesse will have a lot of side quests to do and secrets to discover even though the entire game is apparently set inside a single sprawling New York building. It says that the shapeshifting world is reactive and plays a big part in the game Control. This game is already listed on Steam with a release window of 2019 mentioned in the trailer video over there, even though an earlier version of the Steam page mentioned a release window of April 2019 as spotted by RPGSite.