Book Videographer with Special Guest app and seize the cherished highlights of your day

Be it your office party, your kid’s birthday, or your special day with your partner, we are here with some extra cherries on your cake.  Experience the availability of live talent right at your footsteps. Plan your party and make it remarkable with Special Guest App. Gone are the days when you relied upon your old, recorded, sound systems for entertainment. Now refresh up your life and choose theme based music, clowns, hosts, impersonators, dancers, painters and everyone else. Get professional photographers and book videographer with just a click on your mobile phone. Seize all the special moments of your perfect Day with skilled artists, well equipped with advanced cameras and video shooting techniques.

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Benefits which our customers will surely enjoy!

  • Skilled artists- our vast network has widely spread its roots, and we are capable of connecting our customers with prolific artists from all across the world. You can not only choose from our varied skilled artists but can even get the best videographers to capture the whole occasion here. Even if it is a small or grand ceremony, the essential fact is to keep the memories alive forever by collecting them over the lens. Thus, don’t miss this fantastic chance to collaborate with us and get indulged with perfectly skilled videographers who will truly make your event a mesmerizing day.
  • Affordable and instant availabilityBook Videographer here, as with our application, you get a chance to invite the most amazing lens holders to your home. Get your theme decided and choose artists as per your need. Attract children, youngsters, and even elders through live and enthusiastic performances. Truly immerse in the world full of amusements and capture all your special actions, laughter, and emotions with our technological freak videographers. All you have to do is, just download the app, extract the best from varieties of artists’ available, book the gig with marked date, time and venue, and enjoy the absolute thrill with your loved ones.
  • Perfectly managed event- keep your brain away from falling into the drainage of organizing, managing and picking up every stuff for your special celebration. Leave all your tasks on the special guest app and enjoy each and every moment. We aim to provide complete support with organizing, booking of tickets, making arrangements for schedules, agreements, and payments for you. So even if it is a concert or just a small house party, drop down the entire burden related to your live artists on our shoulders.

Thus, people may come and go, but the pictures and videos stay forever. No matter what happens in life, but some people are always there in your heart, to keep them in front of your eyes too, plan to shoot your special day today. 10 or 20 years later when you can see those full filled moments alive, you will realize the value of these videos. So what are you waiting for! Pickup your mobile phone and Download the special guest app today.  Book Videographer, and capture all the highlights of the day. Mark this day in your diary as you are going to remember it forever, this collaboration of yours with us would never let your cherished hopes go down.