rHGH means Recombinant Human Growth Hormone which is prepared by the usage of recombinant technologies to develop HGH. This is the artificial version of the HGH produced in the body. The rHGH is developed in a laboratory by genetic cloning of two different genetic materials from different sources. RHGH is nothing but Somatropin which has a sequence of amino acids similar to HGH. The effect of both the normal and the recombinant HGH is the same in the body.

rHGH is basically the synthesized version of HGH and is made in a laboratory atmosphere. The spray form is the latest economical product. It is used in the medical treatment of children with growth hormone deficiency and suffering from Prader-willi syndrome, short stature gene deficiency, Chronic renal insufficiency and turner syndrome. It not only is useful for these conditions but also helps in improving motor development and to increase muscle strength. With its strong anabolic affects rHGH causes enlargement of  muscle tissue and strengthens the connective tissue and cartilage and to give immense power and strength and prevents them from getting injured easily.

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Protropin was the first rGHG. The injectable form of HGH supplements are considered as the best form to see results in short durations. The drawback of this form is that it is very costly. Now a days there is a spray form which has come into existence. This is prepared for stimulating the pituitary gland to produce HGH. To produce HGH the pituitary gland requires amino acids, vitamins and minerals which all are a part of this spray. The effects of the spray last longer. These are a lot cheaper than injections and are more effective form and are absorbed into the blood stream easily.

Benefits of rHGH spray

Though rHGH spray is an artificial form, it has the same effects of the natural HGH. Regular usage of HGH also slows down the aging process, it enhances the immune mechanism and defense functions which results in increased resistance. There isalso increased cardiac output, improved cholesterol levels. It enhances sexual performance and hair regrowth. The main benefits being increased bone density thus decreasing the incidences of fractures.

rHGH spray supplements also improve cognitive and mental abilities as well as improves the quality of sleep. HGH when taken along with steroids helps bulk up soon and increase the performance level of the bodybuilder. HGH intake stimulates the production of testosterone as growth hormone is a testosterone stimulating hormone. This in turn gives the bodybuilders their desired results when followed along with a proper exercise and diet plan.


rHGH dosages depend on various factors such as the age, the desired results, the physical condition and whether it is a male or a female who is being prescribed. Natural HGH and rHGH defer on the main aspect of side effects which are seen easily on improper usage of rHGH whereas, the natural HGH when produced excess in the body does show its results in the form of excess bone growth and deformalities.