If you want to learn the angular JS by taking up an Angular JS Online Certification, you should know that it is a prominent framework that is brought in use to develop open source applications which are web based. Additionally, all the web applications that are developed by Angular are single page applications. Apart from the Angular JS training in San Francisco, there are a lot of other frameworks as well that work on the same concepts but there are a lot of reasons that make the Angular better and more preferred by the developers.

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Also known as the Model View Controller, this is an architecture that is prominently used in Angular JS. Since the major aim of MVC is to make the process of single page web applications simplified and enable easy and effective testing, using it with Angular improves the speed and time of implementation and development. Since not many of the other frameworks bring into use the MVC, it provides the needed edge to the Angular due to this.


HTML is the easiest web development language that is brought in use by the developers and even today, when they get an option to make a choice, they prefer working in easier options like HTML. Since Angular basically uses HTML for the programming and development, it becomes easy for the developers to use it even in those applications that are complex. As soon as you enter the default code and tags, the prediction is done by Angular on its own and the work for developers is considerably reduced.

Declarative Programming

With the increasing demand towards declarative programming, Angular provides you the needed support as well as support to this style of programming. The major property of declarative programming is to provide support to the developers so that they can have full control over the representation on the basis of logics.

Dependency Injection and Data Binding

Usually, when you use the traditional coding languages and frameworks for web app development, a lot of time is wasted in gathering and keeping the data together as and when needed. As a solution to this, the angular offers the features like DI and data binding. DI basically is about creating a base for the needed dependency and data binding is to bind a variety of data together. So when implemented with Angular, it helps in saving time and efforts from doing the same work time and again. This contributes a lot in improvising the features like reliability and compatibility.

There are many reasons behind the popularity and increased usability of Angular in comparison to other frameworks. The Don’t Repeat yourself concept of Angular is one such thing. Here, as soon as you are done writing code, you will get a chance to use it as it is as and when needed instead of doing the same thing back and forth. With reduced lines of codes, the amount of errors would also get reduced and thus improve the overall productivity.