Month: February 2017

Nintendo Switch UI shown off as one gamer gets console early

With the Nintendo Switch launch date a mere two weeks away, it was only a matter of time before someone posted a video of themselves playing around with the new hardware. Lo and behold, today on NeoGAF a guy going by the username hiphoptherobot did just that. The NeoGAF user posted a short three-minute video […]

The best Linux distros: 7 versions of Linux we recommend

Think Macs are a rip-off and Windows 10 doesn’t respect your privacy? Maybe it’s high time you take Linux for a spin. If you’ve never used Linux and cower at the sound of “open-source” software, fret not, as this guide will aid you in your quest to find the best Linux distro to date. A […]

A privacy-focused browser developer just bought Ghostery

Cliqz, the German developer of the privacy-focused browser of the same name, has acquired the tracker-blocking browser extension Ghostery and its development team from its creator, Evidon. Partly owned by Mozilla, Cliqz will combine Ghostery’s technology with similar functions in its browser, but plans to continue development of the extension for other browsers too, it […]

IBM’s hub for wearables could have you out of the hospital faster

Researchers at IBM have developed a hub for wearables that can gather information from multiple wearable devices and share it with a doctor, potentially cutting down on the time patients need to spend in a hospital. The gadget, which IBM has dubbed a ‘cognitive hypervisor,’ funnels data from devices such as smart watches and fitness […]