What is the forecast for the manufacturing sector for the near future? Is your company looking for a more efficient way to implement new products in the manufacturing process?

We will look at the manufacturing projections for the upcoming year and investigate ways to improve new product innovations.

We will be focusing our attention on United States economic forecasts, and bear in mind that any suggestions offered can be implemented within any company that does business outside of the United States.


Consumer spending continues to rise at a steady level and projections indicate this will continue in 2017. Overall, the general economic forecast for 2017 looks better than what 2016 has offered.

Now armed with a positive economic forecast, it is time to evaluate what the best way is to implement new products into your manufacturing department. This is of course if your company has budgeted for these expenses and has planned accordingly.

We know new product implementation is not an overnight matter that happens over drinks where we draw it up on a bar napkin and implement the following day. Careful thought and consideration is necessary to have a successful launch.

By finding and using a new production introduction software package that utilizes in house solutions, you can eliminate the headaches that come with third-parties and enjoy quicker customer support.

Be certain that this software package includes features and benefits such as; Task Flow Management, Assembly and Part Management, and Design Data Importing.

Terry Jones, the founder and former Chief Executive Officer of Travelocity, makes a bold statement in that; “If you want your people to be innovative you have to create a culture where innovation can thrive”.

Why would you not give your new product innovators the best tools possible to not only create, but to also execute the manufacturing of these products in the most efficient and effective way possible?

Keeping a closed mind and staying complacent hurts everyone, open your mind to new ideas and explore.

What is one common aspect of doing business that all industry leaders agree upon? The importance of networking.


It can be traced to almost all areas of our lives; from as far back to childhood on the playground and after school to when we started interviewing for a job fresh out of college.

When it comes to new product innovations, simply waiting until your product hits the market is insufficient to have a successful launch. Awareness is key, and you know this already. So why not capitalize on ways to network to “put it out there”?

By joining, and participating, in an association that tailors to product development your business will only benefit. The business is not the only benefactor here, as the attendee(s) will be able to network with other like-minded individuals and organizations.

Not only do these associations offer the trade shows and networking events, they also offer the opportunity for growth through investigation.

This is as dynamic of a time as one could dream of to be in business with the technology at our disposal. Capitalize on the resources available and watch your business grow.