TRT treatments, also known as testosterone replacement therapy is performed in individuals suffering from testosterone deficiency, under expert supervision. Testosterone cycle refers to the carving of muscles and cutting down extra fat layers out of your body to give you a toned ripped appearance in a speedy process.

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How to follow testosterone cycle?

Any hormonal supplementation program is initiated with low dosage of the steroid to check the biological compatibility of an individual. There are different dose concentrations and drug exposure time suggested for different people to determine one’s tolerance power. The genetic constitution of a person is highly responsible for variation in the dosage concentration as every steroid or drug works differently in males and females, younger and older people. Thus the schedule of your dosages is designed in such a way that it meets all the factors responsible for the effective outcome of the drug consumption or injection.

A normal man, devoid of any kind of biological disorders, produces testosterone hormone ranging between 300ng to 1000ng per decilitre in the testes. With the passage of time, the body starts aging and different types of dysfunctions start arising including lower levels of testosterone synthesis, less inclination to libido or even sterility. All these happen due to imbalances in hormonal secretion by the pituitary gland and the control of secretion by hypothalamus. When the master gland fails to cope up with the deficits that are caused in the body due to aging, external supplementation of hormones can be achieved to boost the production of testosterone and retain your sexual desire.

Importance of high levels of testosterone:

Crucial functions of testosterone envelops the control of all secondary male sexual features including development of facial and axillary hair, robust voice and increased sexual drive. Additional functions include the increased production of red blood corpuscles in the body and maintaining the perfect ratio of lean muscle tissues to fat level which is crucial for fertility issues. It is very important to balance the hormonal secretion as well as simultaneously maintaining the metabolic rate, to help you reduce weight without comprising with the muscle mass.

There can be outburst of certain crucial symptoms if testosterone is produced in inadequate amounts in the body. It may give rise to:

  • low libido
  • excessive loss of hair
  • erection problems
  • higher depression and anxiety levels
  • poor concentration and mental clarity
  • reduced energy and physical strength
  • reduction in muscle unit

It should be noted clearly that everyone may not experience the same level of benefits, as given in the website from where an individual opts to purchase the product. This does not mean that the product is adulterated or the drug forum is misguiding, but it is you genetic build up that is coming in the way. Some people may experience elevated libido and improved sperm quality, but some may be unhappy to see no noticeable change in their physique or muscle gain. To meet up the expectations of general public who wish to buy the steroid, expert doctors have modified the schedule of your dosages so that a standardised effect is always noted in a person’s well being.