For admission to all programmes at BITS Pilani campuses in academic year will be based on BITSAT 2015 scores. BITSAT 2015 will be completely online.

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There will be five sections in BITSAT 2015 paper.

Physics – 40 questions carrying 120 marks
Chemistry – 40 questions carrying 120 marks
Mathematics – 45 questions carrying 135 marks
English – 10 questions carrying 30 marks
Logical reasoning – 15 questions carrying 45 marks

So in total there are 150 questions and after that there comes 12 Bonus questions

BITSAT is very different than all other entrance examinations because of these 12 bonus questions

Important pointers about BITSAT bonus questions

  1. You will get bous questions only when you’ve attempted all 150 questions. You cannot leave any question blank
  2. You will not be given any extra time to solve these 12 questions
  3. You cannot go back to change any of the answers

When should you attempt BITSAT bonus questions

  1. You have at-least 20-25 minutes left
  2. You are confident and sure about at-least 135 questions out of the 150 you have attempted
  3. You have made educated guesses and you trust your gut (for the 15 questions you need to attempt to get to 150)
  4. If you have any memory based questions left, and you trust your guessing skills, then attempt them and have a shot at the extra 12!
  5. If you have any lengthy or a method based problem left, then we would suggest you utilize your time in solving it first, rather than guessing it and only then move on to the extra 12 if you have enough time left.

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