Clenbuterol is a popular drug around the world which people use who want to achieve their weight loss goals. It is proved to be beneficial in lowering the lower weight threshold so that people going through weight loss programs can achieve their goals in a fast and efficient way. Clenbuterol first gained popularity among users for mainly bodybuilding purposes. It was very effective for them as it decreased the fat content in the body so that their muscles could be displayed better. There has been rise in demand for clenbuterol in women in the recent years. But there have been doubts regarding safety of use of such drugs in women.

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Clenbuterol in weight loss

Clenbuterol is very effective in giving an extra edge to weight loss programs in men and women. But they still need to be on a strict diet plan. Clenbuterol is very effective in burning stubborn fat in many areas, more so in women. It is more popular in the USA where women from professional background apart from sports category also use them nowadays to maintain a good physique. This is mostly used by women athletes and bodybuilders to maintain their physique and correct health. Though there are many steroids available in the market used for weight loss programs, clenbuterol is preferred by many since it has been proved to deliver excellent results without having drastic side effects. Clenbuterol boosts metabolism in the human body for faster results. But for woman taking this drug, clenbuterol dosages for women must be strictly regulated for long lasting effects and minimum side effects.

Dosages for women for optimum results

In the drive to achieve weight goals, women must not forget that they are consuming synthetic drugs and hence should take regulated doses. It is best to take professional help from registered practitioner for best results. That is, to get best results and at the same time not suffer from diseases in future women should seek professional help. It is a thermogenic drug that is very powerful to use. Clen has not been reported against much for its side effects. Still for a basic guide, clenbuterol dosages for women start from 20 mcg. It should be kept in mind that it is micrograms and not milligrams which is the usual grade of drugs. 20 mcg dose of clenbuterol may be continued for 3 weeks to adjust the body to the steroid. The dose may be increased after that but in a gradual way. 120 mcg is the maximum of a dose that a woman should take and not more than that. Dosages more than that should be absolutely not taken by women since it may pose high risk factor in them and long term use affects the entire human body system. Women should know that they should not expect huge results in a few days if they use clen only. For a regulated weight loss by a small margin with long lasting effects, clen is useful. But growth hormone steroids must be paired with them for large margin of loss.