Indus Towers has 1.19 lakhs towers in India, plans for greener network system

tower-indiaThe leader in the telecom tower industry in India, Indus Towers released its second annual edition of Sustainability document for FY2014-15. The report demonstrates the Indus’s activities toward creating a sustainable and greener community machine. according to the report, Indus Towers had 1,15, 942 towers in India in 2015. It also had 2,fifty three, 513 tenancies, collectively saved an uptime of 99.98%. In 2016, the numbers have further raised to 270,006 tenancies and 119,881 towers. around, 13,064 sites are transformed from indoor to outdoor. Indus Towers keeps over 50,000 ‘green web sites’ in India.

“Indus Towers is religiously operating toward strengthening the telecom spine, permitting communication services throughout India. Our second Sustainability record 2014-15, is a exhibit of the sustainability practices that we follow and even as growing cost for our customers,” said Mr. Manoj Kumar Singh, chief of Regulatory Affairs & Sustainability, Indus Towers.

these green web sites use answers like free Cooling devices and speedy charging battery banks like Li-on batteries to lessen strength intake, additionally to lessen the carbon footprint. thru this, the corporation has been riding its efforts to reduce its carbon footprint in the circle in addition to across the united states. there’s additionally a ‘close AC’ initiative, wherein Indus Towers has transformed over 50,000 websites from indoor-to-outdoor (Non-AC) by way of shutting down ACs across the united states.

The organisation is also indulged in numerous other network education and SOS activities in India.

recently, Indus Towers announced its plan to recognition extra on India than on its distant places growth. The agency stated it is open to acquisitions in the region as it feels the world should do with extra consolidations. First of such occasion was visible with American Tower business enterprise (ATC) acquiring Viom Networks, in a Rs. 7,600-crore deal, making the united states-based organisation the second one biggest tower organization after Indus. The deal closed in March 2016.