Titan Juxt Review

we have reviewed lots of smartwatches here at devices 360, from the first Android wear fashions to the Apple Watch, and pretty an awful lot everything else in between. at the same time as nearly nobody needs a smartwatch yet, simply looking at your wrist and now not desiring to take out the phone whenever there is a buzz is quite convenient, particularly if your work demands you want to be related all of the time.

With notifications being possibly the number one reason most people get a smartwatch (or preserve using it any case), it’s no wonder that a few manufacturers are adopting a distinct technique to enter this market. we’ve got seen the likes of Martian Notifier, that is extra of an extension of the notifications panel that sits to your wrist than an eye fixed with any actual ‘smarts’. however the Martian Notifier seems and feels reasonably-priced, and it is possibly not something you want to be seen wearing in public.

Watch producers believe they’ve a solution by using drawing close the hassle in every other way, one that performs to their electricity – design a really precise searching watch, with notifications and some other features thrown in. One such candidate is with us nowadays, the Titan Juxt, which the well-known watchmaker has designed in collaboration with HP.

The Titan Juxt looks like a normal watch and not anything in any respect like the smartwatches obtainable, which is right, considering that that is exactly what Titan got down to do. Slip this on and go out, and you’re much more likely to pay attention “wait, you still wear a watch?”, rather than “what smartwatch is that?”, something we have heard way too often when reviewing other gadgets. however for the little show towards the bottom of the dial, the Titan Juxt is like another watch, or even that show is some thing that might pass off as something it really is part of many ‘normal’ watches.

in step with its said intention, the ‘smartness’ of the Titan Juxt is pretty confined – it could connect to your telephone over Bluetooth and show notifications; it comes with a step tracker; and it can maintain song of time across diverse cities. there’s no try to do the whole lot else smartwatches do and in fact you’d do properly to not think of the Titan Juxt as a smartwatch in any respect – think of it as a regular watch with a few extra functionality.

The Titan Juxt comes in 3 different versions – chrome steel (priced at Rs. 15,995), rose gold chrome steel (Rs. 17,995), and titanium (Rs. 19,995). We got the rose gold variant for evaluate, although the titanium is the best looking variant in our opinion. there is no distinction inside the three variants as a long way because the ‘smart’ capabilities are concerned, and also you actually simplest deciding to buy the difference inside the appears and substances used. The Titan Juxt is rated to be waterproof as much as 50 meters (5ATM).

Titan Juxt

The Titan Juxt is a pretty big watch that’s sincerely centered at guys as far because the bodily layout is involved. the overall size of the dial appears to have been dictated by way of the desire to have a show that is huge sufficient to be beneficial, however nevertheless inconspicuous in the confines of the general dial. As a end result, the dial is just a little bit too big for maximum customers, and we might’ve preferred some thing a little smaller. Having stated that, we were nonetheless capable of put on the look ahead to lengthy durations without any soreness and never virtually felt the want to take it off all through the course of the day, that’s to mention it’s extremely comfy to wear.

Like we stated before, the little show closer to the bottom of the dial is your window to the first rate international of notifications out of your telephone. while you first get the watch, you will see a message here prompting you to pair your watch with a cellphone. you could ignore this and use the Titan Juxt as a ‘everyday’ watch, however that could defeat the purpose of getting it inside the first region, would not it?

The watch talks for your cellphone over Bluetooth and the pairing system is pretty simple, requiring you to download the Titan Juxt app for Android or iOS. You need to have a smartphone walking Android four.4 or above, or if you are an iPhone user, make certain you’re rocking iOS eight not less than. The app, designed by using HP, is pretty easy and there are handiest a handful of factors you could do – reveal your pastime, edit cities you need to see in your ‘international Clock’ (extra on that later), and alternate the apps whose notifications you want to see at the watch – through default all apps are selected, which means that if the app can send you a notification at the phone, it will show up at the watch as nicely. The Titan Juxt apps creates groups for similar apps like e mail, Social, so you can toggle notifications from all of them in a single move, if required.

Titan Juxt

The tiny OLED panel comes with four strains of display, which is adequately vibrant, but doesn’t supply the developers plenty of room to play with whilst displaying notifications. as an instance, on every occasion we were given a notification for a brand new e mail, three out of the four traces of show, have been used to display the name of the app (Outlook), form of notification (Mail), and call of sender. This meant that nearly each single time we determined ourselves pressing the lowest watch button to look something clearly meaningful associated with that notification. there may be no contact display and the notifications aren’t actionable, because of this if you wish to do whatever further, you want to take out your cellphone. The software supports best text-based notifications, and Slack messages obtained on our iPhone in Hindi showed up blank, with only the app and sender’s call (each in English) seen.

during the day, the watch consistently maintained its connection with the smartphone, even though in the morning when we toggled Bluetooth again on our cellphone after switching it off at night time, the Watch did not constantly automatically reconnect, or on occasion it linked, however we needed to launch the app and tap on Notifications for it to start receiving notifications again. This is not a deal breaker, but a minor inconvenience nonetheless.

you can dismiss a notification by using urgent the top watch button; you can dismiss all notifications by means of urgent and conserving the top watch button for 2-3 seconds, although this reality is not honestly discoverable, and we did not realize approximately it until we study the guide. Of course this is a trouble this is commonplace to maximum ‘regular’ watches, wherein you need to examine the manual to parent out all of the weird button combos. returned to the Titan Juxt – lengthy pressing the lowest watch button will show the battery final on display, that is otherwise visible inside the app. aircraft mode may be toggled through pressing each on and stale buttons on the equal time.

If there are not any pending notifications, urgent the pinnacle watch button takes you to world Clock, which starts offevolved off by way of displaying the local time (synced from your cellphone), and then you could cycle via the rest of the cities you added inside the app via urgent the bottom watch button. Press the top button one more time and you can see what number of steps you have walked nowadays. This statistics turned into within 10-15 percent of mistakes margin of the hobby our iPhone recorded, which is suitable in our ebook. historic interest information is to be had via the app, but you’re only proven graphs, so while that gives you a rough image, we could not discover a way to look the exact quantity of steps we blanketed on a particular day. The app additionally helps you to manually set or agenda ‘Do not Disturb’ mode at some point of positive hours when you don’t want to acquire notifications on the watch. in case you are thinking, the time tracked with the aid of the dial may be set independently of the virtual time on the show.
Titan Juxt
Titan Juxt

Similar to some smartwatches, the display on Titan Juxt stays off if the watch is turned faraway from you, which means the notification will not be displayed until you ‘flick’ the watch, although you may experience a bit vibration always. A Titan consultant informed us this is executed because of privateness motives, so others around you do not get to peer the notification, although we are positive keeping the show grew to become off helps preserve battery as nicely. this option worked as advertised for us. The depth of the vibration is supposed to suggest the importance of that notification (see image at the top/ left), and some of this can be customised thru the app. The concept right here is that after you spend enough time with the watch, you may be in a position to differentiate between the various kinds of alerts based totally on their vibration alone, so that you can select to, say, forget about messaging alerts if speaking to someone, however look on the watch whilst you ‘sense’ an incoming call.

As a long way as battery life is worried, Titan claims you could get by using 5 days on a single fee, although we were given around 3 days of use before it needed to be charged. In case it isn’t clear, the Titan Juxt comes with batteries – a ‘everyday’ watch battery that continues the analog dial going, and which must last you months, if now not years, like most other watches. The show is powered by means of some other battery, that you may need to recharge frequently. Like smartwatches, the Titan Juxt comes with a cradle of types that needs to be related to the watch for it to be charged, which capabilities a Micro-USB port at the alternative give up. happily, this appendage is small enough to carry round in the coin pocket of your denims, so you may have it with you always, but that still approach is small enough to lose in case you are not careful.

Titan Juxt

interestingly, neither battery is user replaceable, and Titan warns that even converting the battery of your analog watch (which isn’t accessible with out disposing of the again cover, unlike some other watches you’ll have stumble upon), will void the guarantee of your watch.

So is the Titan Juxt worth its rate tag? Like we noted before, it would be unfair to examine the watch to smartwatches made by means of smartphone manufacturers. The Titan Juxt is a brilliant looking watch, albeit with a dial that is a touch too massive for our flavor, but is probably just high-quality for others. yes, it lacks the bells and whistles that smartwatches include, but then that isn’t the factor of this supplying within the first vicinity.

Having said that, there are things that HP and Titan can nonetheless do to refine the ‘smart’ enjoy of the watch. The companion app is rudimentary at nice and HP has been gradual in phrases of pushing updates – we are hoping it receives a few love soon, and brings some new functions to each the app and the watch. The limited actual estate can also be utilised higher by changing the manner notifications are displayed, packing in extra statistics on the primary display screen. we hope aid for notifications in extra languages is introduced as properly.

usual, we are nonetheless pretty satisfied with the Titan Juxt and if you are in the marketplace for a regular watch, but wish with the intention to see notifications on it as nicely, it is something you have to sincerely consider. Of course if you are looking for the entire smartwatch experience, you’ll must look elsewhere.