Lenovo Showcases Flexible, Wraparound Smartphone and Foldable Tablet at Tech World

Lenovo Showcases Flexible, Wraparound Smartphone and Foldable Tablet at Tech WorldLenovo at its Tech international 2016 event in San Francisco on Thursday discovered a host of products consisting of the brand new Moto Z and Moto Z force smartphones along the first purchaser equipped assignment Tango handset, the Lenovo Phab 2 seasoned. The chinese company additionally confirmed off some of the new innovations it is currently working on together with a brand new bendy cellphone that could wrap across the wrist, and a pill that can be folded in 1/2. the new prototypes – C Plus smartphone and Folio tablet have been revealed on the corporation’s event on Thursday.

Lenovo stressed that the CPlus and Folio idea devices highlight how bendy monitors and components can allow dual-gadgets and a couple of usage scenarios.
apart from bendable smartphone and tablet, Lenovo additionally showcased connected smart shoes based on the Intel Curie module and offering wireless charging. Lenovo says with smart footwear, users can song health facts as well as play movement controlled games. The organization provides that clever footwear wearing LED lighting fixtures lets in customers to acquire customised news and records based totally on their pastime data pushed to their smartphone.

aside from a few devices, Lenovo also showed that it’s an energetic participant inside the net of factors and confirmed a idea “linked domestic,” where users can control numerous linked gadgets at home thru tip of the arms or thru voice. The teaser video from Lenovo confirmed how people can display fitness, and tests the climate record with simply hand gesture.

The organisation said that the numerous concept innovations showcased at the event mirror the “creativity, experimentation and ingenuity” of the employer’s engineers, designers and developers. Lenovo has shared numerous motion pictures on YouTube displaying different innovations it is working on.