Mophie brings wireless charging to the iPhone with Juice Pack Wireless

human beings have continually bought Mophie cases to increase the battery life in their phones. however you’ll soon be able to add a new characteristic to the Mophie listing: wi-fi charging.

it’s right, together with the previously launched wi-fi Juice Packs for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, the business enterprise has now launched the Juice % wi-fi for the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and the Plus versions of both phones. you may pick out up these iPhone instances at Apple stores and best purchase. All of Mophie’s cases will provide wi-fi charging in future.

each new iPhone Juice Packs price $a hundred and provide a little more than 50 percentage additional battery existence. The instances come bundled with a wi-fi charging base it truly is well matched with in reality all wireless telephones, accessories, and charging standards, inclusive of Qi. So the fee proposition here is which you’re getting a Mophie battery case, plus wi-fi charging for the identical charge as Apple’s clever Battery Case, which gives a similar raise to battery existence.

How does it paintings? The battery instances are magnetically connected to the charging base, in addition to to Mophie’s new charge pressure table mount and fee force car vent mount. i am still ready on professional pricing, but the mounts are predicted to price around $forty, which converts to about £30 or AU$fifty five.

right now those mounts are the best extra fee force accessories announced but Mophie sees this as a budding wi-fi charging ecosystem that may one day consist of other accessories that magnetically connect to the case.

in case you own any of Samsung’s greater current Galaxy smartphones, you may understand that wi-fi charging circuitry is built into the phone, though you do need to buy a wireless charging base to use it. And at the same time as wireless charging may not be an critical characteristic, it does make charging a touch simpler. extra corporations, which includes Starbucks, are now imparting wi-fi charging stations to their customers.

check returned for overview of the cases while there is a assessment sample to be had. For now, my early impressions from briefly managing the instances are that they appearance and experience very similar to preceding Mophie battery instances.

Mophie did tell me that it will provide Juice Packs with better ability batteries as a way to be thicker and heavier. but, at release it’s focusing in this slimmer $100 product.