Rumor: Meizu is also gunning for the VR market

Meizu is a name that you can had been hearing an increasing number of nowadays, way to the organization’s pinnacle-tier smartphones, consisting of the Meizu seasoned five, MX5, or its good buy-priced midrangers, including the M3 and M3 be aware. primarily based in China, the business enterprise isn’t always as massive as a number of its nearby competition — specifically Xiaomi and LeEco — but Meizu has proven time and again that it has a clue on how to construct a decent smartphone, and has managed to officially promote its smartphones the world over, giving it a slight aspect over the opposition, in relation to Western markets.

Now, it seems the business enterprise wants to input a brand new phase in the cellular market — VR. What seems like a activity posting for a brand new division within the business enterprise has been leaked on chinese tech website Anzhuo. The submit clearly states that the employer intends to dive in the world of VR, depicts a few different VR goggle sets, as well as shows the Flyme (Meizu’s UI, built on top of Android) brand, and the Meizu mascot.

VR remains new and sparkling, and quite frankly – a quite slender area of interest. On mobile, it’s restrained to watching 360-diploma motion pictures, or diving in visual stories, and simple video games, which now and again do not even look top enough to make one dive in them in VR. The marketplace is presently ruled by using Samsung’s equipment VR, that’s, arguably, the nice set for phone-powered VR available thanks to its numerous sensors, and the many $15 units that can be offered beneath the Google Cardboard name. have to Meizu be planning to go into the fray, it needs a plan for differentiating itself or bringing some thing very new to the table. in any other case, it can simply sink inside the sea of Cardboards.