Lenovo picks at our nostalgia with a RAZR ad for June 9th Moto event

Lenovo quietly launched this ad, on Motorola Mobility’s YouTube channel, set in a excessive school with a bunch of children residing thru their high college stages. The ad starts offevolved with a lady sending a textual content message to Tyler pronouncing “ILYSM” (which means ‘i love you so much’, lower back when we used to text with acronyms).

After that, the digicam rolls beyond a bunch of other children who are both in a smartphone name, answering the smartphone, or normally engaged with their RAZRs. The vibe is ready with the song within the heritage referred to as “The splendid break out” by a band known as “Boys Like ladies”. whilst I should take a seat and examine the story occurring, that’s not what subjects. The factor of the video is to tap into viewer’s nostalgia. We even get a “good day Moto” on the stop of the video. Oh yeah, nostalgia.

What do you are making of it? Why might Lenovo use an ad like this to tease its most up-to-date flagship tool? It just doesn’t upload up in my head for a few reason. could Lenovo’s new flagship be as a hit as the Motorola RAZR become? should Lenovo be releasing a clam-shell phone? should Lenovo be focused on the millennial demographic? At this point there are extra questions than solutions.

The Motorola RAZR changed into one of the most successful clamshell cell devices in the world. Lenovo thinks it is able to use Motorola’s legendary records to benefit attention throughout the globe for its upcoming flagship device. this can be the first Moto flagship that Lenovo will release because the acquisition of Motorola has been completed.