Asus ZenBook UX303UB Review

Asus ZenBook UX303UB ReviewAsus is underrated as a computer manufacturer, but it has some of the maximum exciting models available right now. We actually cherished the Asus ZenBook UX305F ultrabook closing wireless year, primarily for its slimness and strength, but also for its low rate. It regarded as even though Asus had made some fairly smart choices, cutting flab wherein essential but in the end handing over a solid product with a clean audience.

while the UX305 collection turned into designed to be slim primarily else, its sibling, the UX303 collection offers a touch extra electricity in a slightly thicker frame. both fashions have just obtained refreshes with Intel’s 6th-generation center i and core m processors, and the UX303 additionally receives Nvidia’s present day-gen photographs.asus_ux303UB_open_ndtv.jpg

extra choice is continually wi-fic component, so we spent some time with the recently released ZenBook UX303UB to see if it fits as much as its sibling’s pedigree, and if this exceptional balance of layout and power makes a large difference.

look and sense
whilst now not as slim as its “MacBook Air killer” sibling, that is still a totally transportable laptop. it’s just underneath 20mm thick and weighs 1.45kg. it’s available in Smoky Brown and Icicle Gold, and we’ve the latter for evaluation, which we determined only a little gaudy. The lid has Asus’ trademark concentric ring sample, however the wi-fiwiwireless is dewiwireless clean and now not textured.

As a ways as construct exceptional is going, we are wi-fi with what we see. you can lift the lid with one wi-finger and the bottom stays positioned. The screen would not flex and the hinge feels pretty stable. The screen body is the only a part of the UX303UB that feels much less than flawlessly stable, and there are minor ripples when it is pressed hard.asus_ux303UB_left_ndtv.jpg

There are two USB three.0 ports and an exposed SD card slot on the left, and another USB three.0 port on the proper at the side of a complete-sized HDMI port, a Mini-DisplayPort, a 3.5mm audio socket, and the DC energy inlet – quite surprising for a slender pc. Even higher, Asus throws in one USB-to-Ethernet adapter, and one Mini-DP-to-VGA adapter. The speakers are on the lowest overhang, wi-firing downwards, so that they sound higher while there may be a flat floor to mirror off.

beginning the lid reveals a reasonably spacious keyboard and trackpad. The keyboard format is similar to what we saw at the UX305FA, and we quite liked it when we used it then. It feels a little mushier, and the electricity button within the higher right corner is less complicatedwireless to hit by chance, but on the other hand there’s a backlight this time that is continually welcome.

You get a quite pleasant material sleeve inside the box, together with a Velcro cable tie, a microwirelessbre fabric, and the aforementioned dongles. The sleeve doesn’t have room for the computer’s charger, which isn’t always too huge however is a barely awkward form.

wi-fispeciwiwireless and software
it’s crucial to notice that Asus sells notebooks in India that have the identical names and model numbers as the ones in other regions, however with vastly distinct wi-fispeciwiwireless. The employer has trimmed capabilities here and there, maximum likely for you to maintain costs down, however the side effect is that a number of noteworthy hardware has been stripped from the model of the UX303UB that sells right here. The 3200×1800-pixel touchscreen commonplace throughout variants promoting in different markets has been downgraded, the SSD has been changed through mechanical garage, and there is handiest a single variation with a unmarried CPU choice.asus_ux303UB_lid_ndtv.jpg

at the same time as it isn’t quite what you would get somewhere else, the Indian UX303B isn’t a huge disappointment, wi-fi thinking about its fee. The processor is a sixth-era Intel center-i5 6200U, which has two bodily cores going for walks at up to two.8GHz. there is 8GB of RAM and it appears that 4GB is soldered to the motherboard but the different 4GB is a fashionable SODIMM module that may be replaced. Asus has achieved this with some other fashions as well, and while it does impose barriers if you’re looking to upgrade, at the least it isn’t impossible.

there’s best mechanical garage, that’s a chunk of a unhappiness in phrases of velocity but at the least you get 1TB of power space. The show decision is 1920×1080 that’s wi-fi for a 13-inch laptop, however now not as crisp as different high-end laptops with excessive-DPI panels. there is no touch enter, even though no longer every person will omit that – the advantage is a matte screen which doesn’t reflect all types of mild. wi-fi connectivity comes within the shape of b/g/n/ac and Bluetooth

software program
Asus ships the UX303UB with a sixty four-bit version of windows 10 home, and quite a few pre-hooked up programs in addition to the obligatory Microsoft wi-fi trial. McAfee LiveSafe and Dropbox each throw up enormous pop-u.s.disturbing which you sign up, and there may be additionally Asus’s personal Webstorage and stay replace gear which show alerts from time to time. Asus’ incredible is a utility that gives 3 presets and a manual slider to control screen colour temperature, and smart Gesture replicates the complete windows control panel for touchpad controls and additionally helps you to hook as much as an Android app which lets you use your telephone as a wi-fi trackpad.

there’s also WPS wi-fi, Evernote, Flipboard, Twitter, TripAdvisor, Cyberlink PowerDirector and PhotoDirector, Gameloft video games keep, WildTangent games, and Asus’ Giftbox storefront. If all that wasn’t enough, there also are start menu tiles for Photoshop wi-fi, Minecraft and sweet weigh down Soda Saga, which might be genuinely links to their respective entries inside the home windows shop.

home windows 10 is set up with one hundred fifty percent UI scaling by means of default. this might assist if you have a touchscreen, but it additionally makes the entirety appearance a bit cartoonish. no longer best does this result in less usable screen area, however it also causes older software program (which includes pretty a few legacy home windows gear) to appearance stretched and distorted. We were wi-fied to scale back to one hundred percentage which looked wi-fiwireless to us considering the display size and resolution, however you may also be wi-fied with one hundred twenty wiwireless percentage.

We had no foremost lawsuits with the UX303UB other than the intrusive software popups. The display screen is vivid and flippantly lit, and sound from the speakers became normally excellent wi-fi. The keyboard is a piece mushier than we might have liked but the layout is top notch and not anything has been left off to favour design over usability. We additionally discovered the trackpad more than spacious enough, with wi-fi sensitivity.asus_ux303UB_dongles_ndtv.jpg

In phrases of hardware, the Asus ZenBook UX303UB is truly at the top rate aspect, even though it would not quite reduce it as a excessive-performance device. It has the same GPU as the gaming-oriented HP Omen and more mainstream Acer Aspire V3-574G-77X8, and its CPU falls among the center i7 and center i3 in those fashions respectively. We nevertheless ran some of our greater disturbing checks to look simply how lots performance may be squeezed out of this smooth laptop.

PCMark’s domestic and work exams gave us 2,589 and a pair of,592 points respectively, which seemed a bit on the low side in comparison to the center M powered UX305FA. however, the POVRay hint time of seven minutes, 27 seconds and the Cinebench rating of 287 made up for that properly, showing strong CPU overall performance. SiSoft SANDRA showed us pretty plainly that the mechanical difwiwireless power changed into less than one fifth as fast as the UX305FA’s SSD, however alternatively memory bandwidth and widespread multimedia overall performance became a good deal better.

Of route, the number one difference between the 2 siblings is the truth that the new UX303UB has a discrete GPU. 3DMark wi-fiwiwireless Strike gave us 1,379 points normal and wi-firewireless Strike severe managed a score of 698. Unigine Valley ran at a mean of sixteen.7fps at 1920×1080 with the settings at high and AA turned off, which means that slightly older video games have to do pretty properly with out too many compromises.

We tried Tomb Raider (2013) which isn’t always a totally stressful sport, and have been capable of have a pleasant enjoy with the settings turned down. The internal benchmark confirmed a mean of nineteen.9fps with the minimum losing best to 15.5fps, which within reason constant, with the decision set to 1080 and the wiwireless set to excessive. Gameplay turned into lots smoother with this turned down, but the sport become nevertheless exciting. in addition, Metro: closingwireless light Redux’s average frame charge was nine.91 at 1080 the usage of the Medium pleasant preset and maximum consequences set to regular. you may need to lose a number of them for a playable framerate.

We additionally did a loose run thru a ways Cry 4 with everything set to Low. The common framerate of 20fps became manifestly much less than perfect, but the primary hassle was the uneven frame pacing which could be seen as choppiness as we ran across the landscape. it’s apparent that even as the Asus ZenBook UX303UB has a fairly effective GPU, this on my own does not make it a hardcore gaming machine. you will have to have low expectancies in terms of the kind of video games you could run and the nice you’ll revel in. we’d advocate sticking to a whole lot extra informal titles.

The UX303UB’s fanatics spin up audibly whilst the laptop is being careworn, and the decrease half of of the keyboard deck below our wrists did get fairly warm. however, we determined that it become cool and unobtrusive most of the time. Battery Eater pro ran for 2 hours, 10 minutes earlier than the UX303UB shut itself down robotically, which isn’t truly dazzling. we’d expect that casual work and web wi-fisurwiwireless wouldn’t harm battery lifestyles too much, but you’ll need to be plugged in for anything else.asus_ux303UB_box_ndtv.jpg

Asus offers us alternatives right here: the UX305 series is portable at the fee of all else, however it does a wi-first-rate process of what it’s meant to. alternatively, the UX303 tries to present buyers both portability and strength, however balanced out at the maximum affordable cost feasible. That kind of compromise might work for quite a few people, and it does not hurt at all that the UX303UB appears and feels wi-fic. if you’re the adventurous kind, you may additionally change out the UX303UB’s wi-ficult force for an SSD and bump up the RAM – even if you only suppose you might need an improve a few years down the road, at least it’s possible.

if you’re looking to spend round Rs. 70,000 on a laptop, you will locatewireless that both siblings are fantastic options. It ultimately comes right down to what you prioritise the most. We do wish that Asus would at least provide options for the type of hardware it sells out of doors India, even though the rate is high.