We can provide the most secure Android smartphones: BlackBerry

when BlackBerry released its first Android phone Priv in India for a whopping Rs sixty two,990, the marketplace become quick to name it the quit of the Canadian telephone giant. For, maximum brands these days aim at gaining a competitive aspect via reducing charges.

but, BlackBerry defended its pricing claiming ‘relied on security and privateness’ gain of its gadgets.
We interacted with BlackBerry India MD Narendra Nayak at the employer’s switch to Android platform and how it plans to preserve its exclusivity in a market wherein majority of the smartphones run Android.
Does BlackBerry’s shift to Android suggest that Android OS is the only wish for cellphone makers?
one of the matters BlackBerry determined someday returned become to emerge as an open platform agency. on the software program the front, our services are strolling on all platforms – Samsung Knox, iOS, windows 10 and BlackBerry itself. We need to deliver the equal notion method to our devices commercial enterprise too. glaringly, we cannot make an iOS smartphone. So, it needed to be an Android.

will we see best high-end Android phones from BlackBerry?
Priv is not the cease. BlackBerry will preserve to focus on high-give up smartphones. just like the Priv and Passport, we want to make smartphones preserving the requirements of excessive-give up enterprise customers in thoughts.

Do you suspect focused on simply high-stop business users could be enough for BlackBerry’s boom?
Going forward, the clear differentiation of business users will narrow down with employees having access to employer apps.we will absolutely examine bringing smartphones priced lower than the Priv in the time to come back. those are possibly to be within the mid-range.

If no longer aggressive pricing, what else can BlackBerry do to stay relevant?
BlackBerry gadgets are for people who cost privacy and statistics safety. we are able to offer the maximum comfortable Android smartphones.

So, can BlackBerry instill iOS-like believe in Android?
We have not tampered with Android a lot to make it comfortable. we have just added a BlackBerry protection layer over it. most significantly, we are able to provide app-stage protection alongside. We can not comment on such adjectives, however we are doing what we are truly regarded for with Android.