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How to Reset or Hard Reboot an iPhone or iPad

Despite all of Apple’s engineering efforts, there are some times when your iPhone or iPad stops responding to your touch and you need to reset iPhone. And no matter how long you hold down the power button, the option to power off your phone just doesn’t show up. Essentially, the iPhone or iPad has hung due to a software bug, caused […]

Don’t write it off: Adonit Pixel stylus takes on Apple’s Pencil

built-in terms of iPad styluses, the Apple Pencil has understandably gotten most of built-ingintegrated. however that digital pen handiest works with iPad pros. Adonit’s new Pixel, which the agency calls its most correct and responsive stylus so far, with an stepped forward 1.nine mm Pixelpobuilt-int tip, is well suited with numerous iPads — nine to […]