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Facebook Expands Security Tools to Protect Elections Globally

In order to further secure candidates and campaign staff vulnerable to hackers and nation-state actors during the elections, Facebook has introduced additional tools to protect political campaigns in the US and around the world. The social media giant has launched a pilot programme to expand its existing protections for users associated with US political campaigns ahead of […]

US Explores Measures to Regulate Big Tech Companies

Calls on the federal government to rein in the tech industry have neared a fever pitch in Washington, as Facebook and Google have grappled with widespread misinformation and allegations of political bias on their platforms. Adding to that pressure, the companies are also being dogged by claims about their size and dominance in the Internet ecosystem. Now, the regulators […]

Congress wrestles with ‘deepfake’ threat to Facebook

A pair of senators are worried about deepfakes and want to know what Facebook is doing about it. Sens. Angus King, a Maine independent, and James Lankford, an Oklahoma Republican, asked Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg on Wednesday about the phenomenon of video manipulated by artificial intelligence, noting that deepfakes raise the issue of people being […]

Facebook’s Private Groups Offer Refuge to Fringe Figure

Much of the empire built by Alex Jones, the Infowars founder and social media shock jock, vanished this summer when Facebook suspended Mr. Jones for 30 days and took down four of his pages for repeatedly violating its rules against bullying and hate speech. YouTube, Apple and other companies also took action against Mr. Jones. But a private Infowars Facebook group […]

Facebook Fugitive Paul Ceglia Fights US Extradition in Ecuador

A New York man charged with trying to defraud Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is fighting extradition from Ecuador where he was arrested after fleeing before his trial in the United States more than three years ago. Paul Ceglia, 45, a wood pellet salesman, faced charges of mail fraud and wire fraud over his alleged forging of documents to extort […]

Facebook Is Making the U.S. a Political Dystopia

U.S. elections are threatening to become the “World Cup of information warfare, in which U.S. adversaries and allies battle to impose their various interests on the American electorate.” That powerful statement comes from a knowledgeable source: Facebook’s former Chief Security Officer Alex Stamos, who left the company this month. Stamos suggested ways to avoid this dystopian  future in a post for […]

Facebook Goes Back to Old Technologies to Connect the Next Billion

After abandoning its plan to develop a solar-powered drone called Aquila and grounding a helicopter drone project to connect people in remote areas, Facebookhas gone back to the basics, working on technologies like mesh Wi-Fi and Express Wi-Fi in partnership with equipment manufacturers and operators. “Our team has been developing software that simplifies network management for operators and […]