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California’s Tough Net Neutrality Bill Prompts US Lawsuit

California Gov. Jerry Brown signed the nation’s toughest net neutrality measure Sunday, requiring Internet providers to maintain a level playing field online. The move prompted an immediate lawsuit by the Trump administration. Advocates of net neutrality hope the new law in the home of the global technology industry will have national implications by pushing Congress […]

Akamai Says Over 30 Billion Malicious Login Attempts Detected Under 1 Year

Cloud delivery network provider Akamai Technologieson Thursday said it detected 30 billion malicious login attempts globally during a period of eight-months ending in June 2018. The financial services industry bears the major burden of such attacks, according to a new report titled “Akamai 2018 State of the Internet/Security Credential Stuffing Attacks”. Malicious login attempts result from […]

US Explores Measures to Regulate Big Tech Companies

Calls on the federal government to rein in the tech industry have neared a fever pitch in Washington, as Facebook and Google have grappled with widespread misinformation and allegations of political bias on their platforms. Adding to that pressure, the companies are also being dogged by claims about their size and dominance in the Internet ecosystem. Now, the regulators […]

Brett Kavanaugh’s Internet

When the Supreme Court first encountered the internet, the justices expressed wonder at its potential.  “It is ‘no exaggeration to conclude that the content on the Internet is as diverse as human thought,’” marveled Justice John Paul Stevens, then the court’s oldest member.  The court decided that, unlike the more regulated television and broadcast media, this “‘unique […]

6 days until the EU votes on an extinction-level event for the internet: here’s what they’ll debate

In six days, the EU will debate and vote on a pair of copyright regulations that constitute an extinction-level event for the internet: “censorship machines” (Article 13, forcing all user-generated text, video, photos, code, etc through copyright filters that anyone can add anything to; anything judged to be a copyrighted work is automatically censored) and “the link tax” (users […]

South Korea Internet and Security Agency to Double Blockchain Project Budget in 2019

The Korea Internet and Security Agency (KISA), a sub-organization of the South Korean Ministry of Science and ICT, has announced plans to expand public blockchain pilot projects to revitalize the domestic blockchain market, ZDNet Korea reports September 4. The South Korean government plans to spend about $9 million to spread blockchain projects throughout public and private sectors. This year, the government […]

Bringing the Internet of Things to healthcare

The Internet of Things (IoT) has become industry-agnostic jargon to describe how technology is currently being embedded in multiple markets, including healthcare, and evolving the way in which business is conducted. The IoT has evolved the way stakeholders currently interact with and will continue to streamline the processes involved in frontline healthcare work. The IoT […]