Fortnite Will Not Get Avengers Skins: Epic Games

Fortnite Will Not Get Avengers Skins: Epic Games

It seems that the Fortnite Avengers Infinity Gauntlet mode will be restricted to you playing as Avengers: Infinity War villain Thanos. If you were expecting cosmetic items that would let you look like Iron Man, Spider-Man or other members of the Avengers, think again. Fortnite developer Epic Games has confirmed that Avengers skins would not be coming to the game. Community Manager Nathan Mooney took to Reddit to state that Epic Games has “no plans for Avengers outfits in the store.” Tragic given that it would make the entire event feel like a holistic collaboration instead of just a game mode added in. That said, Mooney did not rule out the possibility of Avengers skins showing up in the future.

We won’t be surprised if the Fortnite Avengers Infinity Gauntlet mode is a precursor for things to come – a way for Epic and Disney to test if it makes sense partnering on future movies. The event went live on May 8 and the Fortnite Avengers Infinity Gauntlet Limited Time Mashup mode download size is 210MB on iOS and 1.283GB on PS4.

Epic Games explained how Fortnite Battle Royale will play during this event. Early in a match, a meteor will land in the storm safe zone delivering the Infinity Gauntlet. Any player who uses it will transform into Thanos. If Thanos is eliminated the Gauntlet will fall to the ground free for anyone else to use. If no one does, it will disappear until another meteor shows up. No end date has been mentioned just yet.

2018 seems to be an interesting year for Disney. Not only has its IP featured in the most popular game right now but it also has a Spider-Man game in the works that’s exclusive to the PS4 as well in addition to multiple Avengers games in development at Deus Ex and Final Fantasy company, Square Enix.

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