Month: September 2016

How to take the dosage of Phentermine

Phentermine is a medicine that is used for the purpose of losing weight of a body. This pill is usually taken one time a day as per the change in the instructions of a physician. This medicine is having the capability in decreasing the appetite and therefore improves the weight loss. A person who consumes […]

Xperia XZ is the new flagship in Sony’s X Range

The most exciting new phone is the flagship Xperia XZ (and that’s flagship to the X range, not an overall Sony flagship). The aim with this device is to give you a more intelligent, personalised smartphone experience, according to Sony. The company claims that the camera inside the XZ is one of the most advanced […]

Sharp’s new range enables remote control of everything from your dishwasher to your oven

Sharp took to the IFA 2016 show floor to show off some cool innovations across its home ranges. The company’s new Smart Home app (iOS or Android) enables you to set numerous functions across appliances including setting, altering or finishing programmes. One of the best things about connected appliances is that they’re now able to […]