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What is the Use of Machine Learning With Python?

Python is one of the powerful programming languages, which is used for development purpose. The simple and easy to learn syntax of python language provides readability and using this language will reduce the cost of program maintenance. This programming language supports packages and modules and this encourages the modularity of the program and code reuse. […]

China’s HOMTOM to Debut in India With 5 Budget Smartphones

China-based handset maker HOMTOM on Wednesday announced to enter the Indian mid-price segment with five smartphones starting at Rs. 8,000. Part of Shenzhen Zhouji Hengtong Technology Co, the company also announced it would manufacture its products in India. “Since inception, we have expanded our business in more than 200 countries and regions and made our […]

LG G7 ThinQ to Be the First Phone to Get Google AR Stickers Outside Pixel Lineup

LG is working on bringing Google’s AR stickers to the LG G7 ThinQ smartphone. Six months since the launch of Google Pixel’s AR Stickers, they are finally making their way onto a handset from a manufacturer other than Google. Last year, both the Pixel and Pixel 2 got new Augmented Reality (AR) stickers – 3D objects and characters – that let users express themselves with […]